Exploiting the Amazon rainforest

Effects on man and nature.

Product: Poster Series,
Course: Out of Balance, Year: 2013

Plakat zur Abholzung im Regenwald Plakat zum Straßenbau in Amazonien
The poster series shows the dimensions of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and of rainforests in other parts of the world. Further problems resulting from deforestation are explained.

In order to transport trees, streets have to be built, causing further areas to be destroyed. The streets are built deeper and deeper into the forest, threatening almost a quarter of all indigenous territories, and leading to conflicts often solved bloodily, or even deadly. Many workers are victims on their own, suffering from working conditions close to slavery, which they are unable to escape. The destruction of many habitats of animals and plants has led to a halving of biodiversity since 1970.

Plakat über die Bedrohung der indigenen Bevölkerung Plakat über Sklavenarbeit im Amazonasgebiet Plakat zum Rückgang der Artenvielfalt in Amazonien