Blood Meridian

Immersive website and poster series for a film adaption of a novel.

Products: Website and Poster Series,
Course: Bachelor's Thesis, Year: 2014

Screenshot hewillneverdie.com: Homescreen mit Logo und Westernlandschaft
Blood Meridian, or The Evening Redness in The West was written by Cormac McCarthy and published in 1985. The novel examines the fights between American settlers and indigenous people over territories in the United States and Mexico. The plot follows a boy, who joins a gang of scalp hunters, through bloody landscapes and perpetual conflicts.

The advertising campaign consists of a website and a series of posters. The website is a new take on movie teasers; it explores how they could offer a more atmospheric and immersive experience without giving too much of the story away. The website is divided into scenes, which use animated images that respond to the user's movement. Quotes from the novel, thunder sounds, and dark imagery establish a sinister atmosphere and hint at the plot of the movie. A corresponding poster series refers to the website.

The poster series presents the main elements of the movie: the Boy, the Judge, and the landscape. The Boy wears a bundle of ears that he cut from his enemies dead bodies. The Judge, antagonist and former mentor of the Boy, lurks in a pond. The landscape, captured in a shaky movement, shows a rider trying to escape his dissolving surrounding.

I took the images of the landscape and the vegetation in the desert of Tabernas. The area is close to the city of Almería (Spain); it has been used as a filming location for many movie productions to represent landscapes of the Southwestern United States.

Screenshot hewillneverdie.com: Blutige Hufe Screenshot hewillneverdie.com: Agaven vor Sternenhimmel
Screenshot hewillneverdie.com: Zitate von Cormac McCarthy
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Blood Meridian Poster: Junge Blood Meridian Poster: Junge – Animation des Composings
Blood Meridian Poster: Richter Blood Meridian Poster: Landschaft
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