Honor thy Father

Adapting a documentary report for digital publication.

Product: App,
Course: Digital Media, Year: 2013

App Screenshot New York
The app is based on the documentary report Honor thy Father by Gay Talese. It explores the business of the Bonanno's, a mafia family in New York.

The app presents one chapter in which Bill Bonanno is summoned to court after tax authorities started an investigation. He uses the day in New York to solve postponed conflicts, to protect his influence, and to keep a sincere façade.

By steering Bill's car through the streets of New York, to different spots of the story, the user experiences the city from Bill's view. At every spot, additional information graphics help to better understand the story's context.

App Screenshot: Intro Video App Screenshot: Autofahrt durch New York
App Screenshot: Kapitel 1 App Screenshot: Kapitel 2
App Screenshot: Kapitel 3 App Screenshot: Kapitel 4