Series of images illustrating
key moments of the Betrayal of Jesus.

Product: Booklet,
Course: Myth and Reality, Year: 2013

Aufgeschlagenes Heft mit Foto: Ein Glas wird umgestoßen
I examined the story of Judas for key components and presented my results through composings in a booklet. I divided the story into scenes and showed Judas's attributes: a yellow coat, a purse, red hair, and fire.

I added words or short phrases from the New Testament to the images. The texts are set in ancient Greek, like the original version of the New Testament, but I used a transcription table to translate the greek letters to latin letters. I did this to refer to the text's roots but still present it in its common form. I set the text in blackletters, copied from an old Bible.

In the past, many people were unable to read or could not understand the latin version of the New Testament; it made them depend on images in churches, explaining the stories. This was the reason to set the words in a foreign language; to refer to their roots and to force the viewer to stick to the images. I decided not to set the text under the image, but to make the text a part of the image itself, because over centuries, the Bible's stories were not just passed on in form of texts or in form of images, but in both ways.

The visual language of the images refers to Cattura di Cristo[1] by Caravaggio. I tried to reproduce the captured movements and the heavy contrasts between light and darkness.

Gelber Mantel
Münze wird in Geldbeutel gelegt
Ein Glas wird umgestoßen
Feuer und Schwerter
Abgetrenntes Ohr
Münzen Fallen
Schwarze Äste vor weißem Himmel
Judas erhängt sich
I took the letters from this Bible:
Alte Bibel